I can't believe it's taken me so long* to find this blog.

I should have guessed that such a blog existed, and that it would be so cool: the Clarion Blog. I'm not sure how they decide who posts on it, but I've been excited by and full of admiration for each post I've read.

Here's an example from Mishell Baker, who, because she agrees with me, is obviously wonderful:
All that said, it’s important not to mentally label this sort of activity [writers' groups] as “networking.” If you attend a convention or introduce yourself to another writer with the idea that you’re forging an Important Business Relationship, you’re not only taking the joy out of it, but probably coming off as self-serving. So don’t “network.” Just go to conventions and readings and other writerly social activities with open eyes and ears. When you feel a connection to someone – and you will – just run with it. Don’t worry about what it does or doesn’t mean for your career. Follow your instincts, be personable and interested in what others have to say, and before you know it you’ll look around and realize you’ve created your own writers’ group.

Yeah, I absolutely hate hate hate the word "networking." I want to hang out with people because I like them and/or admire them and/or want to accomplish something magnificent with them. I do not want to hang out with someone because I think it will be "useful." Bleah, what a desolate, soul-damaging way to think.

Writer buddies, you are not "networking." You are friends, mentors, colleagues. You are special. You are cool.

*Update: turns out it hasn't taken me long at all: the blog only began on May 1, 2010. I feel better now.


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