Why all writers should make bread

Today's bread-making will eventually result (I am optimistic) in apricot-hazelnut naan and apple-cinnamon naan. It occurred to me while I was getting the preparations underway that bread-making is one of the very best things for writers to do.
  1. It can be done as breaks in the writing day. Invest 15 minutes at the start, then go away and write for a couple of hours. Then shape the loaves and go away again, then bake them and go away while they're baking, then let them rest and cool (and they don't need you there for that, either). At each step there's a nice break for more writing, and the only time you have to actually pay attention is when the bread is the oven. And even then you only have to be half-aware, because the smell of bread when it's nearly done would rouse the dead, and even bring you out of your current opus in time to rescue it. (Of course, this assumes you're fortunate enough to occasionally be able to devote large blocks of time to writing. I sincerely wish such Good Things for you.)

  2. It's a whole lot simpler than it appears. The only things you need to really be careful about are (1) making sure the water is neither too hot nor too cold; (2) making sure the yeast was purchased sometime in the last year or so (I keep mine in the freezer so it stays oomphy for longer — don't judge me, man!); (3) if you're using whole-wheat or other not-quite-as-glutenous-as-they-could-be flours, making sure you mix them with white flour (unless you're actually wanting to bake a weapon); and (4) giving the dough plenty of time for rising.

  3. It's all old-timey and historical. It connects you with all those humans who have been making bread since the dawn of civilization. Writers need to be connected with the rest of humanity; it's good for sales.

  4. It feeds you properly. Your own bread is going to be fresh and simple and tasty, with nothing in it that you don't know about.

  5. It's cheaper than store-bought. I don't need to tell you how attractive that feature is to writers.

  6. It's the coolest science and the weirdest magic you can imagine. Think up something as amazing as bread, and you'll win that Hugo you've been fancying.

Now go! Go, and make bread!


At 11:35 AM, Blogger SarahP said...

I loved making my own bread. I did it for a few years when my kids were really tiny. :-)

At 12:46 PM, Anonymous north face outlets said...

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