I love teh internetz.

Some of my Brisbane writer buddies get together regularly for a harsh but salutary custom they call Write Club: everyone sits down to write and eat Bad Food, and if someone's keystrokes sound too infrequent, or (worse yet) degenerate into the ceaseless mouse clicks that suggest a furtive game of Solitaire, the other participants shriek "WRITE!" until the errant party gets back to business. I always feel quite wistful that I am not able to crash their party: I'm sure I'd get a lot more writing done if I could.

However, through the miracles of science, today I was able to have a write-in with one of my bestest writing buddies ever, even from halfway around the world. We found a time that we could both cope with in our respective time zones, set up a Skype session, and away we went! Yes, there was a fair bit of chatting, but there was also very productive writing.

I almost always write in solitude, but changing one's writing pattern — not to mention feeling a sense of commitment and team spirit from writing alongside someone you value — can jolt the writing juju loose to flow again. And so it happened. We'll definitely be doing this again.

I love teh internetz.


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