How frustrating! There are things I want to SAY.

Facebook is playing silly buggers with me, and a blog post is the only way for me to send my thoughts to the outside world at the moment. "Whew," I hear you all say. "At least there's that."

I just wanted to let everyone know that my family and I are all in a very odd place today, because last night was the final night of Much Ado About Nothing, in which Margaret and Houston both acted. It was Margaret's first professional show, and she did fabulously! It was far from Houston's first paid acting gig, because (as he's fond of reflecting) he put himself through music school as an actor. He did fabulously, too! And the cast party (to which I was very generously invited by the director) was a ton of fun, because everyone in the cast and crew is a quality person, right along the line.

And now there is a kitchen full of pots and dishes (not clean ones), a fridge that's nearly empty, writing and editing and research (and composing and homework) that needs doing — re-entry shock, thump.

And yet our lives are not entirely returning to the mundane. Margaret has a rehearsal tonight with her band, Rocking Horse (I'd link to their Facebook page, but, well, the silly-buggers thing), and a voice lesson tomorrow after school. And Tuesday Houston and I have an opera-related meeting, and he's got a rehearsal that evening with the Sydney Male Choir (that I can link to), and I do my first afternoon helping refugee kids with their homework. Fencing has started back for the year, and that's on Thursday. And on and on.

Not a bad life, really.


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