I'm versatile! It's official!

My friend, colleague, and Scrabble buddy Satima Flavell has bestowed on me the coveted Versatile Blogger Award.


Thanks, Satima!

Apparently, part of the deal is that I am to list seven things you maybe didn't know about me. I know how to make quilts. I have a niece who looks almost exactly like me. My grandfather was a pioneer in robotics in the 1940s (specifically, automated underwater arc welding, which sped battleship construction by an enormous factor and demonstrably shortened WWII). I was born two months premature. I once interviewed Ray Charles and Chubby Checker. I have a pilot's license. On my 30th birthday I was mugged by the number 30. There.


At 3:19 PM, Blogger Houston Dunleavy said...

NOw try for 7 things I *don't* know about you :))))


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