News update

I am very pleased to announce that an extract of my full-length play The Death of Albatross will be given an airing at Playwriting Australia's event Kicking Down the Doors, an initiative that gets new playwrights a bit of attention. My extract will be read sometime between noon and two (details of the location are on the event web site); if you can be there, that will be great!

Moreover, there are still a number of nights left to see Hi, How Can I Help You, in which my short play "Hold" is the penultimate item.

I'll be teaching a day-long workshop in writing fantasy and science-fiction short stories at the Tasmanian Writers Centre on October 9; see "Programs" on their web site for info.

On Sunday I made my debut playing in a concert at the Sydney Town Hall, as the percussionist on two numbers performed by the spectacular Sydney Male Choir, directed by Houston Dunleavy (who is my husband, for those who don't know). There were over a thousand people in the audience, which is a lot, and it was very alarming when a rogue gust of air conditioning blew my music off the stage (a kind person in the front row rescued it for me — thank you, nameless but kind person).

Hm, what else? At the rate things are cookin' around here, I'm sure there will be more news soon.


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