Writin' Rations™ — quick dessert!

This is so easy and so fabulous, you will have no idea how you possibly lived without this recipe at your fingertips.

Strawberry Sauce

Two boxes of strawberries (the boxes that hold a generous double-handful of strawberries)
A half cup of sugar
A pinch of salt
A teaspoon (or so) of vanilla extract/essence

Slice the strawberries (removing the leafy bits from the top, of course) and put them in a bowl.

Put everything else in the bowl as well and give it a good stir.

About every 15 minutes to a half hour (or whenever you think of it), give it another good stir. Before too long it will develop a miraculous strawberry syrup, ALL BY ITSELF!!!!

After about two hours of this, or maybe even only one hour (if it looks syrupy enough), stick it in the fridge for use in that evening's dessert, or leave it out to use right now.


Angle-food cake is absolutely the best thing in the known universe as a vehicle for this sauce, but as that's a royal pain to make, I don't include it as Writin' Rations™. You can buy an unfrosted cake for not much money at the supermarket, and it will be quite passable enough.

You can also use plain American-style biscuits* (made with a touch more sugar than usual) as the base; this is known amongst my people as strawberry shortcake, and I won't hear a word said against it.

Needless to say, this sauce is also stunning on ice cream.

Regardless of the base you choose, feel free to invite whipped cream to the party. And accompany the dessert with a nice cup of tea (the writer's beverage from of old), or even a lovely wine (also the writer's beverage from of old, particularly when the writer is feeling more than usually in need of fortification).

*Recipe will be included in my forthcoming e-book, Writin' Rations. Watch this blog for publication details. Although I need to tell you that I'm juggling tons of projects right now (not that that's a bad thing, mind you), and I'm not sure exactly when I'll be editing, laying out, producing, and offering for sale said e-book. Don't worry, though: you'll know as soon as I do!


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