An interesting sale indeed!

I sent a few poems off to The Story Bag (cool idea: they will print bags and coffee cups and stuff for shops and cafes; on one side is a nice ad for the client's business, and on the other side is a poem or story), and hey, they've accepted two of them! What happens now is that my poems go into their catalogue, from which clients choose the poems and stories they want for the obverse (or reverse) of their bags or cups. If a client chooses one of mine, I get a bit of dosh! And every time another client chooses one of my poems, more dosh! Go, my poems, fly away, and return bearing me much money! Or some money. That would be good too.

In other news, look what I found on boingboing: somebody built this hugely elaborate Baggins hobbit hole! (There's a link off this page to the how-she-did-it page.) I can't find a contact address to ask permission to snurch one of the photos, so I'm just going to risk it, on the theory that the artist/craftsperson herself probably would be cool with having even more people know about and admire her remarkable work. So here is the snurched photo:

Now go look at the rest of them yourself!


At 8:22 PM, Blogger Houston said...

Well done! :-)

At 11:22 PM, Blogger fullsoulahead.com said...


Boing Boing.


You are funny.


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