Writin' Rations™: Vegan Veggie Satay

I'm an omnivore, but I cook a lot of veg*n because it's cheaper, tasty, easier on the planet, and able to be eaten at family meals (daughter is vegetarian). Yesterday, I threw the following into the crock pot and a few hours later it was AMAZING:


Two cups of crunchy peanut butter

Two cans (the size of soup cans; can't remember how many mls/ozs exactly) coconut cream

Half chopped onion

Two cloves chopped garlic

A tablespoon or so of chopped ginger

A half teaspoon thermonuclear chili sauce (use more if yours isn't so confrontational, or omit entirely if you want)

A tablespoon of salt

Several tablespoons of store-bought masala spices, or you could use your own favorite curry-spice blend; they're all similar enough that the effect is within acceptable parameters

About a half cup of palm sugar (you could use brown sugar)

A whole bunch of chopped-up veggies (I had cauliflower, red pepper/capsicum, and carrots in the house, so that's what I used)

Two to four cup COOKED chickpeas

Stew and stir, stir and stew, for several hours. Serve with basmati or other rice; when cooked in a rice cooker, it can be kept warm well into the night (and only dries out a little...). Best of all, once you throw everything into the crock pot, you can go write and write and write until it's time to stir again. Let the family grab their dinner when they want it; you're busy writing! (Also ideal for write-ins, particularly if you're not sure who eats what. It's also gluten-free, it occurs to me, if you're careful about what's in the store-bought spice mixture.)


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