I love Chicago!

I'm in town for the World Science Fiction Convention, and my friend Cathy and I are already having a great time!

First, Those of a Certain Age may remember the Saturday Night Live sketch about the idiosyncratic hamburger place. Well, this is it (although I remember it being "No Coke, Pepsi"):

And here is my friend, the Bean (everybody's friend, the Bean). Its real name is Cloud Gate, but...really? No, it's the Bean.

Cathy and me, approaching the Bean.

Here's what it looks like from inside.

We also saw a show at Second City, which was fantastic!

Today, the con starts. It's going to be a very full weekend, as not only do I want to go to a lot of the panels, but I'm presenting a paper, moderating two panels, and doing a reading. If you're there, find me!


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