Tonight's poetry reading

Tonight was the second of the poetry readings I've organized as Cafe Poet at Yours and Owls. It was a blast. There wasn't a huge crowd there, but the ones who were had amazing poetry and amazing stories, and everyone was interested in and respectful of everyone else's work, and as far as I could tell everyone had a good time.

There were older people and younger people (is it a sign of my own aging that they looked impossibly young?) and people in the middle. There were funny poems and sad poems and introspective poems. There was nice wine and nice beer and a nice place for the event (thanks, Balun and the rest of the crew at Owls!). And I felt glad that I could be with people who really care about the power of language to move and inspire and draw people closer.

How much better could life be? I got the chance to bring a bunch of poets together to cheer each other on and take joy in each other's work. I'm loving being a Cafe Poet.



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