Greetings from Conflux!

It's another busy and fun con weekend:  this time at Conflux.  So far I've run a writing workshop, helped design the ideal getaway vehicle for the well-equipped evil overlord, participated in a spirited discussion as part of Ian Nichols's presentation about the nature of literary versus genre fiction, stumbled into the paths of a lot of friends, and come back to my hotel to get ready for tonight's banquet.  (There may be a photo or two in due course; I'm not sure.)  More to come over the next two days — and then home!

In other news, the redoubtable Lee Battersby is publishing a series of posts from guest bloggers on the nature of art — which sounds weighty, but you must trust him, for this series has yielded a number of fascinating perspectives and ideas.  I am humbled that he has asked me, too, to contribute:  here's my guest post.

And, finally, if you're the sort to be interested in music neither you nor anybody you know has heard before, please check out the Australian premiere of Houston Dunleavy's "Flying in Paradise", a piece for four euphoniums (euphonia?) and two tubas.


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