Lo! Conflux approacheth!

This time next week I'll be gadding about at Conflux, a traditionally very fun and very nice speculative-fiction convention in Canberra. I'm slated to do a bunch of fun things: specifically, teach a workshop in how to start writing science fiction and fantasy (suitable for anyone age 11 and over, and anyone under 18 gets in free!), and be on a few panels (one on food in science fiction, one on studying creative writing at uni, and one on the quintessential getaway vehicle for the well-equipped Evil Overlord).

I'm also eager to catch up with friends, meet some new people, and maybe encourage a newbie or two, even as I, myself, have been encouraged at Confluxes — Conflices? — past.  If you're going to be there, look me up and say hi; I'll be very happy to know you've been reading (and, presumably, enjoying) my blog.   If you came to see my play, The Death of Albatross, especially come see me and tell me what you thought!


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