Last fencing for the year

Tonight was the last night of fencing at my club for the year. Alas! But at least I got to hear what has become one of my most favoritest holiday traditions: hearing Ted play jazzy Christmas numbers on the piano in the corner while the swords clang and the cries of "Touché" ring out!

This new tradition brings me to the realization that this is my second Christmas as a fencer — I've been fencing for over a year now! And I still absolutely love it. Never tire of it. Never resent it. I'm never, ever bored at fencing. (In contrast, I am often, perhaps even usually, bored by the concept of team sports. Even though I don't mind having the cricket on in the background while I'm doing other things.)

I wish all of you a fantastic holiday season full of love, joy, adventure, and swords. (Maybe not so literal a representation of the Christmas message, but as a metaphor, swords work. No, really. Think about it.)


At 11:30 PM, Blogger Flinthart said...

It's interesting. I think it would be a worthy inquiry to look into relative proportions, amongst the population of writers, of team players versus solo practitioners.

I am definitely not a team sport person. I like watching cricket - in the background, while I do something else. And it's fun to play backyard cricket. But any other team sport I've ever heard of leaves me bored.

On the other hand, after more than 20 years I get more out of ju-jitsu than I ever did, and I've taken up Iai-do as well.

D'you think there's a link between the capacity to do something as solitary and driven as writing, and a preference for non-cooperative leisure pursuits? I know I don't lack the ability to play team sports... just the interest.


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