Fifteen minutes of fame — that's for the inefficient.

I am aiming for fame in one-minute increments. My 60-second play "Tiles in the Night" has been accepted for performance in the Gone in 60 Seconds play festival (see also Facebook page).

Performance is NEXT WEEK, June 11, at The Viaduct Theatre, Dean Clough, Halifax, UK! (You can, apparently, book tickets through the venue.) All UK buddies and blog-readers are urged to phone them up right now and get tickets!

This is my second time as a GI60 playwright ("Three Feet from Doom" was performed last year; I've posted the script on my story blog, and from there you can find a link to the YouTube video). I absolutely love the concept: a night of one-minute plays rushing past you as you grab delightedly at the stories. And I love the form: it's a genuine challenge to pack setting, characterization, plot, and resolution into 60 seconds of stage time. You should try it; it's fun!

For my non-UK buddies, as soon as they post the YouTube videos of the performances (and it did take them a while last year, so I don't know when that will be), I'll give y'all the link.


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What fun!

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